Eve. The Simple Way to REST

Version 2.1.0.

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Eve is an open source Python REST API framework designed for human beings. It allows to effortlessly build and deploy highly customizable, fully featured RESTful Web Services.

Eve is powered by Flask and Cerberus and it offers native support for MongoDB data stores. Support for SQL, Elasticsearch and Neo4js backends is provided by community extensions.

The codebase is thoroughly tested under Python 3.7+, and PyPy.

Eve is Simple

from eve import Eve

settings = {'DOMAIN': {'people': {}}}

app = Eve(settings=settings)

The API is now live, ready to be consumed:

$ curl -i http://example.com/people
HTTP/1.1 200 OK

All you need to bring your API online is a database, a configuration file (defaults to settings.py) or dictionary, and a launch script. Overall, you will find that configuring and fine-tuning your API is a very simple process.

Funding Eve

Eve REST framework is a collaboratively funded project. If you run a business and are using Eve in a revenue-generating product, it would make business sense to sponsor Eve development: it ensures the project that your product relies on stays healthy and actively maintained. Individual users are also welcome to make either a recurring pledge or a one time donation if Eve has helped you in your work or personal projects. Every single sign-up makes a significant impact towards making Eve possible.

You can support Eve development by pledging on GitHub, Patreon, or PayPal.


This documentation is under constant development. Please refer to the links on the sidebar for more information.